Very good service with understanding and professional staff. For cars watch both their technical condition - excellent. 5 days rent only positive impressions. In comparison with other cities - the best office rental.

Dear, in Kirov there is a service car rental, very happy! And with a decent firm. Sorry to be so high, because three years ago could not find a required service. Thank you to the staff and especially the masters that monitor the condition of the car, did a Great job. Satisfied and pleased. Wish to prosper and replenish the fleet. It is desirable for large people something like "jeep".
Moscow F. Treydin.

Repeatedly used the services of this organization is extremely positive emotions.I am quite a regular, average customer and do not judge biased. Any overlap in the organization of the use of the car never came, the firm really understands the customers, it is important, for example what cars can be booked in advance, and not, for example, in the N-th organization (name will not write here) where customers on the phone answer: call in the day when you need a car, maybe give can not give.
I would also like to thank the owners of the rental for the insight and for the fact that I went to a meeting in a difficult situation related to the rental.
We don't know whether in our city the competition in the service sector, but of any meaning to apply to other firms - do not see, because in this company and rates standard (+ do discounts) and the choice of cars is. The only thing I would like to increase the fleet because you need a car at the crucial moment can actually be busy + sometimes I would like to try some other brands of cars besides the fact that I usually take.

How to work on clearing? We have a LLC, whether in this case the pledge? additional documents?
Irina Olegovna, OOO"Rusturist' "

Good afternoon, Irina Olegovna,a Deposit for a IP, LLC, CJSC is required. Documents issued by the company, the required documents - the Trustee, i.e. someone to manage the cars.
Elena (Manager)

When you need to start to inate to book a car for the New year?, how to send a Deposit, if I'm from another city? Thank you. Eugene,St. Petersburg.

Eugene, the machine has to be booked, if You are sure with the date. Prepayment please call our Manager. I want to tell that the car in the new year and new year's days from 5 reserved.
the Svetlana (Manager)

Hello, is it possible to use your machine in a taxi?
Sergey Sadakov.the city of Kirov.

Manager: Our car in a taxi are not used.

I was very pleased with the service provided to me! took the car for 32 days. traveled the entire North Caucasus and Kuban. the machine has never failed. loved the attitude towards the customer. special thanks to Catherine. these people and the gifts are nice to give. thanks for the greetings on the new year was unexpected. good luck and prosperity. summer will meet. the best firm in Kirov, believe me.
sincerely your client VLADIMIR ANTONOV

Good day, grateful for accurate delivery, because for me it was very important, the whole day was laid out.Pleasantly surprised free shipping in European countries. But wash did not want to, so my wish is: to have a wash, will be very convenient, the cost in time is minimal. Also wanted to note that it is convenient to work with you on terminal, no interest is not removed-this is good! To new cooperation.

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